Amana Hamdan

Independent Contractor. For business inquiries email:

Hi my name is Amana Hamdan
I am an Independent Contractor/Writer/Blogger/Ghost Writer/Future Author. Telling stories, sharing thoughts, and changing perspectives one pen stroke at a time. I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Writing Concentration and a Minor in Psychology. I speak and write fluent English and was born and raised in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. I enjoy writing about psychology, mental health, life, personal development, social and political issues and anything that appeals to my interest. Capable of writing over 1,300 words in 2 hours and able to provide 5 of 500 word posts on a weekly basis, maybe more if I push myself. I also enjoy anything Bullet Journaling and planning related. I can write English Composition and Psychology Essays and anything that appeals to my interest in MLA and APA format with a work cited and cover page for a fee. I can meet deadlines and I am willing to do last minute assignments as well for any of my clients if possible.

Thank you.
Please Contact me prior to purchase to discuss the topic of the essay I don’t do all subjects. For example, I do not do Biology Papers. If you would like to hire me to do your school essays, blog posts, blurbs, bios, etc. including collaboration or commission requests: please email at

Please click on the section that says “Writing Services” to view my fees on Fiverr or you can click here:

Link to everything else:

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