Amana Hamdan

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Treasure of Old how much have you foretold

Thy Kingdom comes and yet none unfolds

The truth of all those years-

Thoughts that scattered like leaves in the wind hoping to land safely from the shattered.

Thoughts of pain.

Thoughts of confusion.

Thoughts of frustration.

Thoughts of light.

Thoughts lost.

Thoughts found.

Never ending not a single sound.

Another door opens while another closes.

Weeping like shadows in the pavements only witches can do such poses.

Seeking, searching, longing for strength from the eyes of those who look at you in such awe and yet do not see the depth of such jaws.

I was only a messenger, a mission given to me for a time, and I succeeded.

Left treasures behind for those who needed.

Now its time to start anew, another life, another rebirth, to be sown, scavenged from beneath the earth, to start a new day, but this time I have a mission of my own.

To create, to learn, to grow, and to become the body, the mind, the soul I like to call home.


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