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Good morning y’all!!!:D

And yes! It is almost 4 AM in the morning and I’m awake! Why you may ask? Well because I’m hungry for that drive, that adrenaline of success, that feeling of accomplishment, just knowing that I’m a step closer each and every day of where I want to be at in life and that step you take can be something as simple as saying positive affirmations to yourself,waking up 10 minutes earlier then you usually would in my case a couple hours earlier lol, and recognizing how you been messing up lately and that its okay. I found the best way to collect your thoughts, make decisions, or just needing to release stress is by journaling. Journaling is such an amazing tool and it doesn’t have to be just brain dumping. You can write anything. Its about putting the pen to the paper and writing whether that’s writing down what you ate that day or writing down your 2020 goals just write. Just release it all on paper so that you no longer have to store it in your mind. Trust me its better to have it in your journal then having it in your head all the time. Your mind gets exhausted too and you need to unclutter everything that’s being stored in there day by day. I believe everyone should invest in journaling it will change your life for the better you’ll begin to see improvement or feel better about yourself or just even a sense of relief or accomplishment that yes I chose ME today and I decided to commit this one act of self care and self love to myself.
Have a wonderful day everyone!;) -A.H.
P.S. Comment down below what are your 2020 goals? 🤔
P.P.S.What did you do today for self love and self care?❤
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