Amana Hamdan

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I woke up one morning with a sudden burst of energy not knowing why and decided to leave for work 2 hours earlier. I went strolling along trying to figure out what to do with all the energy I had and decided to walk to the nearest park. I thought it would be the best thing to do in order to clear the chaos from my mind, have some time away from my phone, and detox the enigma I like to call my life in order to rid any particles of bacteria that made me feel empty.

It was beautiful! I felt alive, productive, as I took in the nice summer breeze blowing against me while the hot sun started beaming down my neck like a child being tickled ever so gently. It felt so nice to start my day with some breakfast, sitting at a park bench; enjoying what felt like a calm and quiet morning. Before I arrived I did invite someone along to join me but they passed on the offer which I’m glad they did because I was able to enjoy this moment all to myself.

It felt so relaxing, serene, and refreshing that I welcomed the tears trying to squirt out of my eyes as my eyelids squeezed down on them hard trying hide what looked like tears. I watched the dogs walking with their owners, listened to the birds chirp in the trees as they danced together with the wind , and watched the basketballs make their sounds of sonic boom as I reflect back on my life. I begin to wonder and think how can I get more of this instead of hearing the constant jabber of human demands.

I try to shut out the sounds of cars driving by as I watched the ocean waves draw its zigzags, joggers try to meet their step count, and the crickets cry their alien screeches of good morning as I quickly record everything around me. I keep looking at my watch making sure I have enough time to go back to chaos before leaving the war between man and nature. It’s hard to pinpoint which side is winning as the sounds of each side become louder and louder until the echo of a very large bird filled the sky trying to penetrate the basketballs and racing cars, but that didn’t win the war. It seemed this battle was going to go on endlessly and I was there to become a witness to it all.

I looked back at my watch and realized it was time to depart and that my journey here in this place had ended as chaos was calling me back. The chaos of fossil fuels, constant human discourse, and the discoloration of the usual mundane life of a 9-5 desk job. As I depart I hope to come back again to witness the outcome of Nature vs Man and to recall that burst of energy I had once more.



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