Amana Hamdan

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Its been so long even though I saw yesterday.

You scare me sometimes when you walk in a room-

This racing thought comes into my head and says,

“Is that really mine?”

It feels surreal sometimes knowing that just a few months ago I felt like the most alone and lost person on the planet and then here you are.

You came into my life unexpectedly not knowing if I wanted you to stay.

I think without realizing it I tried to push you away to see if you were in it for the long hall and it turned out that we both were.

I admit my trust issues effected us alot and my overthinking of a situation lead us down some hard roads especially with the big guard I had up, but you decided to stick around anyways.

Its funny how the universe decided to make our meet necessary and I sensed you were coming that week, but wasnt sure what to expect not knowing that you would remind me of someone from a past life time reincarnated into this beautiful piece of human art.

Many think I spoil you but I cant help it your just to adorable not to spoil.

What got me to stay is imagining you not in my life and I’ve come to realize that you not there would make life miserable and therefore lead me to the conclusion that your utterly to intoxicating that not living without you would leave me in a great sorrow.

And there you have it my darling.

Your the love I’ve waited a life-time for and I wouldn’t change it for the world.

Here’s to us and the millennium we have been searching to find each other just to say I do.

A.H. 💫


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