Amana Hamdan

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Be Happy…even when tears are falling down your cheeks.

Be Happy…even when you feel like the world is on your shoulders or below your feet.

Be Happy…even when it feels like all is lost and their is no one left to turn too.

Be Happy…even when the sky has fallen and all your energy has fallen with it.

Be Happy…even when fear and anxiety cloud your mind and your heart beckons your soul to come out from underneath the gravel of grief.

Be Happy…when your soul is being guided without expecting the return of sleep.

Be Happy…when the sun will rise and you will be enjoying it along with the rain.

Be Happy…when all the apocalypses have ended-another hill that told you to take the leap again.

Be Happy…when your energy returns and hope is restored.

Be Happy…when your feeling better knowing what it was all for not having to wallow in the pits of shame no more no more.



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