Amana Hamdan

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There are days I feel like giving in…

Let me do that 9-5 and let the panels set in…

There are days I want to quit and listen to the naysayers say that I can’t.

I fall into a deep sleep and hope that I get back up again…

But there also days when I get a sign…a chance for me to shine.

Where I see all materials presented in front of me…a way for me to call Rumi and tell him I think I got it this time.

I cant say perfect but I can say I know its worth it.

Whether you support me or want to throw me to the lagoon and say I can’t afford it.

Call it what you will I just need to work for it…

And one day soon; I’ll get there and look back and say I earned it.

A.H. 🙂


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