Amana Hamdan

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Life! I often wondered why life had to be such an obstacle. Why humanity had to spin around and around like a hamster wheel going nowhere when there should be something rewarding and deserving in the end of all that struggle. Even as a child there is some form of struggle that you have to endure,but as adults we tend to look at children as being lucky not having to worry about bills, tickets,high cholesterol, etc. But as adults we also forget that children are looking at us as these powerful God-like figures that have the ability to do anything and everything such as…reaching the kitchen sink for example. We forget that children have to struggle grasping the circle of life, emotions, colors, numbers, hygiene, essentially how to live in order to survive until they reach adulthood, but even though we gain all the basic life skills that we learn growing up as a child you come to learn as an adult that the struggle isn’t over and you have to continue to learn in order to prepare for the next life obstacle. Throughout history humanity has been forced to learn over and over again in order to:

(A) Overcome the next obstacle that life presents to them


(B) To stop making the same mistakes they made in the past until they learned the lesson that was prescribed.

Which begs the question… what is life?

Is it an endless cycle of paradigms of universal decree or are we bound to something more greater then the average day to day. Whatever the case may be something has got to give to this thing called life that we all get lost in and should not take for granted. Lets not forget those children and adults that struggle with disease, poverty, and a broken home. We need to be humble and appreciate what life has to offer and make our mark on it because when we do leave no one will know why you were here? What was your purpose or you contribution to humanity? Did you leave your mark? Your mark doesnt have to be big it could be something simple as cooking dinner for your family or taking your child to the playground. Let someone remember you for your service, accomplish your goals, make your dreams a reality even the arts and entertainment section make some sort of a contribution to humanity. Did that artist not make you wonder at their piece and question and allow your mind to process the details of their work? Did the show not put a smile on your face and give you necessary endorphins that contributed to your development as a child? Is it this cosmos thats got you doubting your true capacity and abilites to shine. I remember taking my red bike for a ride as a child and when I reached a hill I would look over and get so excited not realizing the fall I was about to endure but once I went down I felt like I was flying but as soon as I felt like I was losing control I hit the break to hard and almost colided into incoming traffic, but when I did it again I learned if I press the break a little at a time while going down the hill, (slowing down my speed) that I wouldnt have to worry about getting hit by a car. Thats how I would describe life you learn how to ride but you dont know how to steer until you try. So ride in steps and see where the view takes you lets just hope its not a one way trip to nowhere and if it is at least you can say you tried and you can always try the next hill that your willing to take on.



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