Amana Hamdan

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Thoughts! A concept that I simply can’t get enough of. We conjure thoughts every day that help us to create the world we live in. However those thoughts can either help us to succeed in the world or simply allow us to fail…yeah, well, guess who failed on multiple occasions…me :P. Unfortunately it took me a very long time to realize my own thoughts was navigating my life in a very unsupported way. I allowed them to take over to a point where I felt like “Alice in Wonderland” falling down the rabbit hole not knowing when I would wake up. Now if I had made these thoughts more positive, supported, and open minded maybe I wouldn’t have lead myself to thinking I was trapped in my own world never knowing when I would come out of it. What I come to realize no one teaches us how to properly navigate our thoughts and allow it to be used as a positive attribute in benefiting our lives. We come across individuals in our day to day that shape our view of the world not realizing that we can choose not to listen to them. We can stop ourselves from believing that were not the captain of our own ships and allow ourselves to focus on the journey ahead rather then the seaweed clutching to the bottom of the ship trying to make us believe it can make its way to the top in our effort to stop our minds from focusing on the task at hand. Now, there are some individuals who will disagree and say that due to their environment and unfortunate circumstances that it would be impossible for them to ever persevere, but I believe one’s circumstances is another’s treasure you can only shape or change your mind on how you choose what future is right for you.

A.H. 🙂


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